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打开 zip 文件 ( 右键选择 )  提示安全问题,很烦;

[FIX] Your Internet Security Settings Prevented One Or More Files From Being Opened

打开本地的 zip 文件 ( 按右键 ) 是没有安全提示的,访问远程主机的文件才有这个问题;

Start / Control Panel / Internet Options.
(Internet Options control panel appears)
Click “Security” tab.
Click “Local Intranet”
Drag slider to “Low”
Click “Sites” button.
Click “Advanced” button.
Enter the IP Address of the NAS / SMB/ CIFS / whatever server and click “Add.”
Click “Close”

本地按上面设置,输入 \\192.168.31.xxx,测试ok!

域策略:修改计算机配置 测试有效,主机需要重启启动;

( 如果修改 用户配置 ,注销即可)

Add the required Hybrid Identity URLs to the Local Intranet list of Internet Explorer and Edge

How to add the URLs to the Local Intranet zone

To add the URLs to the Local Intranet zone, perform these steps:

    • Log into a system with the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) installed.
    • Open the Group Policy Management Console (gpmc.msc)
    • In the left pane, navigate to the Group Policy objects node.
    • Locate the Group Policy Object that you want to use and select it, or right-click the Group Policy Objects node and select New from the menu.
    • Right-click the Group Policy object and select Edit… from the menu.
      The Group Policy Management Editor window appears.
    • In the main pane of the Group Policy Management Editor window, expand the Computer Configuration node, then Policies, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, Internet Explorer, Internet Control Panel and then the Security Page node.
    • in the main pane, double-click the Sites to Zone Assignment List setting.
    • Enable the Group Policy setting by selecting the Enabled option in the top pane.
    • Click the Show… button in the left pane.
      The Show Contents window appears.
    • Add the above URLs to the Local Intranet zone by entering the URL in the Value name column and the number 1 in the Value column for each of the URLs.
    • Click OK when done.
    • Close the Group Policy Editor window.
    • In the left navigation pane of the Group Policy Management Console, navigate to the Organization Unit (OU) where you want to link the Group Policy object.
    • Right-click the OU and select Link an existing GPO… from the menu.
    • In the Select GPO window, select the GPO.
    • Click OK to link the GPO.



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